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The Perfect Time to Volunteer

The Perfect Time to Volunteer

DSCN1882For the New Year, many people make  it their resolution to give back. For animal lovers, a great way to give back is to do some volunteer work with a shelter or rescue! Around this time, these organizations can really use the help! Here are some great ways you can help out in 2014.


Sadly, many people give pets as gifts for the holidays. Bringing a cat or dog into your home is a decision that should not be made lightly and definitely shouldn’t come as a surprise. For this reason, many of these animals that were given as gifts end up being forfeited and put into a shelter or rescue. This leads to a lot of overcrowding and not enough volunteers.


Lending your help to a shelter or rescue is a great way to help out and can be fun too! When people think of volunteering, they often think of cleaning out the cages and cat litter. While this is definitely a deed that needs tending to, there are other great responsibilities you may be able to help out with! Dogs need to go on walks and all of the animals need some play time. The animals all need to be fed and groomed.


Rescues and shelters also tend to host a lot of events. Helping them set up or run the event is a great help! Transportation can also be an aspect you can help with if you have the means. Animals need to visit the vet or sometimes go on home visits prior to being adopted. These are just some of the great ways you can help by volunteering with a shelter or rescue!


Another big way you can help out is by signing up to be a foster home. This is a bigger commitment but also incredibly rewarding. With overcrowded rescues, giving an animal a home until they are adopted by a loving and deserving family is a great way to give back.

If you don’tt have the time to volunteer, you may still feel better in the new year after making a donation. There are tons of bills that need to be paid, and for a nonprofit, every single donation helps. Aside from monetary donations, there are also items that you can donate! Many organizations have a wish list of items they need. Going out to the pet store and buying a bed to donate means one more warm and happy animal.




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