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Are Your Pets Playing or Fighting?

Are Your Pets Playing or Fighting?

If you have more than one pet, playtime can get pretty rough. There’s barking or meowing, jumping and pawing. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if your pets are just horsing around, or if you should be breaking up a furry fight. Here are some signs to help you identify if your pet is playing or fighting.






-          When dogs are playing, they tend to bow beforehand. The dogs lower their front end and wiggle their butt in the air. Many times the dog will even appear to have a big smile. This is a sign that the pups are just goofing around.


-          If a dog flops onto it’s side during a fight, it’s only a play fight. A dog would never show its belly during an aggressive fight.


-          Pay cialis 20mg online attention to a dog’s face when it’s fighting. Look for that goofy smile when playing. If the dogs have their lips pulled tight and teeth bared, things may be starting to get less playful. If they stop and stare directly into the other’s eyes, that read is definitely a sign of aggression.


-          If the dogs are playing, they will appear to almost bounce around. When aggressively fighting, the dogs will be a lot more swift and precise.




-          Listen to the sounds they make. When cats are playing, there shouldn’t be any hissing, growling, or screaming. Sometimes they cats may start out playing but things can get too rough and out of hand.


-          How often is the hissing? If the cats are hissing every time they play, then it is most likely not play.


-          Pay attention to which cat is doing all of the hissing. When cats play, they switch off roles. They take turns being the “mock aggressor”. If one cat is always making all of the noise, it’s possible that one cat is bullying the other.


-          Body language is also important. If they are playing, claws shouldn’t be out and ears shouldn’t be pushed back. Also, if the cats fur stands up or they appear to stop and stare at each other, things are likely more aggressive than playful.




How to Tell If a Dog Is Play Fighting?

Are My Cats Playing or Fighting?

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