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AWIP’s Paw Print Spotlight: Legacy Dog Rescue

AWIP’s Paw Print Spotlight: Legacy Dog Rescue

AWIP’s Paw Print Spotlight: Legacy Dog Rescue

For this installment of AWIP’s Paw Print Spotlight, we want to introduce you to Legacy Dog Rescue. This great group is completely run by volunteers and is based in Ohio. Though they primarily deal with rescuing dogs, they have also helped save cats in the past.


Each member of Legacy Dog Rescue has had that special dog that touched his or her heart. These dogs give them the passion and inspiration to go out everyday and help as much as they can. With this passion, the volunteers of Legacy Dog Recue are making a difference one dog at a time.

This rescue group is doing some really amazing things in their Ohio community. On top of saving strays and finding homes for needy animals, they also help their community with two great programs.

Contact Legacy Dog Rescue today to meet Lucy!

Contact Legacy Dog Rescue to meet Lucy!

First, they offer a spay/neuter program. This program helps provide cat and dog owners with affordable options for getting their pet fixed. To qualify for this program, the pet owners must be either low-income or receiving some sort of government assistance. Spaying and neutering is extremely important and Legacy Dog Rescue helps the people that couldn’t afford to fix their pets on their own.

They also offer a Dog and Cat Food Program. This is a short-term program that helps pet owners that have fallen on hard times. Legacy Dog Rescue takes some stress away from the owner by helping to feed their pet for roughly a 3-6 month period. This is one less thing to worry about while the participant gets back on their feet and reorganizes their finances.

Because this group is run entirely by volunteers, they need your help! Donations and

Contact Legacy Dog Rescue to meet Handsome!

Contact Legacy Dog Rescue to meet Handsome!

your time would be extremely appreciated. 100% of the money raised goes to the animals. Legacy Dog Rescue has funded many complicated and expensive cases, including fractures and heartworm treatment.

You can help out this great rescue by making a donation to their secure PayPal account or by going to one of their fundraisers! The people of Legacy Dog Rescue are always staying busy and have some fun fundraisers coming up. Help out a great cause and check out some of these upcoming events:

Night at the Races – November 16
Holiday Wine Taste – November 23
Dine at Ruby Tuesday in Austintown November 30- December 1

To learn more about Legacy Dog Rescue, future fundraisers, and how you can help out, visit their Facebook Page or their Petfinder Page. You can also find more information by visiting their website at ldrofohio.org.


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