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Animal Meds Discounts

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How It Works

It may come as a surprise to some pet owners to find out that they can fill many of their veterinarians’ prescriptions at a people pharmacy.

While some drugs are for animal use only, many are the exact drugs as are used by humans, only differing in the dosage.

The USA Pet Meds drug discount card is a means to obtain these drugs at a discount at your local pharmacy.

In addition, the USA Pet Meds has made arrangements with a US, FDA approved specialty pharmacy that can fill those prescriptions for animal-only medications and compounds.

All you have to do to start saving with your card is to simply ask your vet for a prescription.

Unlike certain internet pharmacies whose sources of medication cannot always be verified, the USA Pet Meds utilizes your local pharmacy for most pet drug needs and a single source specialty pharmacy for those animal-only drugs.

Pet owners should continue to protect their pets by keeping a line of communication open with their veterinarians and understand that they almost always want what’s best for your pet.


Using The Card

Present the USA Pet Meds drug discount card along with your prescription to receive a discount. The card is pre-activated and never expires. Use it over and over. The card covers all household pets and livestock animals.

Most medications for animals are just different doses of the same medicines as prescribed for people and can be filled at your local pharmacy. Ask your vet for a written prescription when drugs for your pet are required. To find a local pharmacy nearby and to price medications, go to the Drug Pricing and Locator page.

Not every pharmacy is equipped to provide special compounding or animal-only medicines. When special animal-only medication is required, contact our special Pet Drug Mail-Order Service. It can be reached at: 1-855-My-Pet-Rx (1-855-697-3879)


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