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Directors and Officers

Directors and Officers Insurance

Non Profit Boards can be sued by donors, employees, volunteers, the general public, third parties, clients and even the government agencies that help support their mission. Directors and Officers Insurance, typically referred to as D&O, provides financial protection for the members of your board, as well as your employees, volunteers, and the 501c3 entity itself.

Board members can be held personally libel for acts of the 501c3 and therefore many directors are wise to insist that a D&O policy be purchased to protect their personal assets.

Directors of Nonprofit Boards face the same fiduciary duties as that of a corporate Board and therefore can be involved in a variety of issues, such as:

  • Duty of Care-requires Officers to act prudently and reasonably in regards to management
  • Duty of Loyalty-directors are prohibited from using their position to further their own interests
  • Duty of Obedience- requires Directors to ensure the organization is run in accordance with By Laws
  • Employment Issues- harassment claims, termination issues

A D&O policy will protect your organization and its Board members from a variety of law suits. Defending even one claim can bring down a nonprofits financial stability. Remember, if you’re nonprofit does not carry D&O Insurance the personal assets of each board member may be at risk.

If you’d like to receive a free, no obligation quote on D&O Coverage for your non profit simply click the apply for coverage now link below to complete the simple application. After you submit your application, your no obligation quote will be emailed to you for review.

You can visit our FAQ for more information about D&O insurance or contact Vince Basciano D&O insurance animal rescue, shelter

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