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Deck the Halls: Christmas Decorations and Pet Safety

Deck the Halls: Christmas Decorations and Pet Safety

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s time to whip out the Christmas decorations. As you decorate and prepare for the holiday, it is important to know what items may be a danger to your pet. Here are a few items you need to be careful with this holiday season.


The Christmas Tree


There are a lot of pet dangers that come with purchasing a Christmas tree. If you get a real tree, be careful that your pet doesn’t ingest any of the pine needles. These little needles can cause a lot of discomfort and irritation for your pet.

The decorations you put on the tree can also be harmful. According to the Yahoo! Article  Holiday Decorations Dangerous for Your Pet, tinsel may be the most dangerous holiday decoration. If your pet ingests even a few strands, it is very possible they will suffer intestinal obstruction, which can be deadly.


Holiday Plants

Along with pine needles, there are other festive plants that can harm your pet. Though these plants may make your home seem more cheery, they can be very dangerous. Holly, mistletoe, and poinsettias should be absent from your home if you have pets. These plants may lead to vomiting and irritation, and other complications. To see more plants that are dangerous for pets, visit PetInsurance “Toxic Plants for Pets.


Christmas Lighting


If you are wrapping Christmas lights around your tree, try to keep strands from the bottom of the tree. Pets can be knows to try and chew on the wires if they are within reach. Another aspect of Christmas lighting is setting up pretty candles. Be careful with candles that your pet doesn’t knock them over or try to play with the flames. If you choose to light a candle, always watch your pet while the candle is lit.


Gift Wrap


Christmas morning can be pretty hectic when opening gifts. We mindlessly toss aside the wrapping paper, ribbon, and bows. It’s best to throw these items out quickly to avoid your pet playing with them or trying to eat them. Gift wrap items are definite choking hazards.









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