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Bringing Home a New Cat

Bringing Home a New Cat

photo-1Bringing home a new pet is very exciting. Even though you are so excited to play with your new little bundle of purring fur, it’s important that you help ease their transition into their new home. Depending on the cat, it’s very possible that they are scared of all the changes. For this reason, it’s important that you keep the excitement down to a reasonable level to make the cat as comfortable as possible. Here are five tips to ease the transition from shelter to home.


1.When first bringing them home, pick a room that’s nice and quiet for the cat to explore. Make sure it’s been cat proofed and has all of the necessities. Things like a nice cat bed, some toys, food, water, and a litter box will be greatly appreciated. Limiting the exploration to the single room will be less overwhelming for the cat.


2.If you brought them home in a carrier, open the door and let them wander out on their own. Forcing them out before they’re ready can be scary. Be patient and let them move around in their own time.


3. Introduce them to the family slowly. It can be overwhelming for anyone to meet 10 people at once. Don’t put the new cat through that. One at a time let the cat come to you. Always supervise the cat with younger children.


4.If you already have a pet, never leave the animals alone together. In the beginning take steps to slowly introduce them to each other. Even if you think your current pet is friendly, you can’t anticipate how they will respond to a new animal in the house.


5. You should also have your vet check out the cat as soon as you can. All of this will lead to a happy and healthy cat in a new home.

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